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house valuations sydney

Valuation received in good order! Thank you so much, all of you. The results are brilliant and fantastically comprehensive. All best and thanks again Mrs Tanya Ferguson Pyrmont, NSW


  • Valuations NSW is a busy practice but it never compromises its guiding philosophy – INTEGRITY
  • Every member of the Valuations NSW’s team works hard and strives to give the same detailed attention to the service the practice provides - whether undertaken for a multi-national corporation or a private client
  • Our valuations are backed by a comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for your peace of mind
  • Speak directly to a property valuer on the phone
  • Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Meet a qualified valuer onsite
  • Expert local knowledge and experience
  • Any property type, any value, any location
  • Regulated by the Australia Property Institute (API) and with the Director being a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • No obligation free quote.

Sydney property valuers, a company where you can talk to the property valuer!

Are you aware about the value of your residential property? Do you know how much goodwill can your commercial property’s value add to your business? It is essential to know the value and worth of the property you are living in or in the one you are working. Get your property valuation done by NSW’s most experienced valuers. At Valuations NSW, all the valuers are licensed and government approved. Our company as well as the valuers are proud members of The Australian Property Institute. We have a team of Certified Practicing Valuers who have hands on experience on the residential and commercial properties of NSW.

You will be pleased to discover we take pride in offering excellent service:

  • We treat you as a valued client;
  • We take time to answer your questions thoroughly;
  • We are committed to ensuring a positive experience;
  • We offer value for money - our prices are very competitive because we keep our overheads to a minimum;
  • Our reports are comprehensive and whilst our institute dictates a Valuer should use 3 comparable sales (which most firms do) we will look at approximately 10 and include 5-7 in the report. To date we have had no call backs or audits from any government agency;
  • We Value properties day in, day out. We are not real estate agents. We have been required to complete a Bachelor of Business degree specializing in property, undertake 2 years of supervised work and then sit an oral examination in front of a Board of Examiners before we can call ourselves Certified Practicing Valuers;
  • Our firm is a member of the Australian Property Institute. The highest membership level available to Valuers.
  • We are an independent Valuation company.

We carry out all types of valuations be it of residential property or commercial property or any unit entitlement valuations and of plant and machineries of your business. At Valuations NSW, we don’t sell any property, neither we are associated with any real estate company or agent hence we always give the reports and advice in your support without being bias.

We pride in our work ethics, integrity and honestly. Our prime focus is client satisfaction. At Valuations NSW, as a client you can completely rely on us for your confidentiality. Since the valuers in our company are Certified Practicing Valuers, all the activities carried out are in accordance with The Australian Property Institute. We strictly follow API’s Code of Professional Practice and all the rules set by them and Code of Ethics. Being part of Australian Property Institute all the training sessions for valuers and related to properties is constantly attended by the valuers.

We are the ultimate destination for any kind of property valuation service or advice in Sydney. Our professional Sydney valuators offer an expert service for the following types of property valuations in Sydney:

Our fees are competitive without compromising on service. For accurate valuations, request a quote today. You will be able to get a quotation for the service you want within a short period of time. For any general inquiries or information on all our services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 8599 9899 or e-mail at valuers@valuationsnsw.com.au and we will be more than happy to assist you.


house valuations nsw


We are one of the best companies in NSW providing residential valuation services. We provide valuation services at highly affordable price. We start working for your home within 24 hours after confirmation. All our professional valuers are licensed and certified. Call us today and get the best quotes to get your property valued by experts…


commercial home & industrial valuation


Do you want to get your commercial property valued? We are commercial valuers’ experts in NSW serving since many years now. We have all licensed and registered commercial valuers with us. We complete the valuation work of your office or industry within 48 hours…


Building Insurance Assessments with Valuation NSW

Building Insurance Assessments

Is your building undervalued? Talk to us if you think your building is undervalued or you want to get a proper insurance value for your property. We have team of experts who have got hands on experience on building insurance assessments. Call us today and get the exact value for your building by professionals at most affordable prices.


Unit Entitlements NSW

Unit Entitlements

Get your unit valued by an expert today. At Valuations NSW, we have a specialised team who carries out valuations for unit entitlements. We hold out unit valuations for all types of buildings like residential, commercial, town houses, apartments etc. We generate a report for your property mentioning ownership of all the common areas.…



Very Helpful!

Dealing with Vals NSW was stress free and reliable! I am extremely happy with the valuation outcome, it was accurate and very detailed!

Oct 06, 2013  Romi Ryan

Highly Recommend

Thank you for providing my valuation in such a quick turnaround time! If that isn’t service, I don’t know what is! I will be using your services again in the near future!

Oct 06, 2013  Brian Vallance

Very Professional

Such great service and a very professional team! The valuer knew my suburb very well and his great knowledge showed in the valuation report we received! Thank you again!

Oct 06, 2013  Cedric Strickland

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